Have you ever looked in wonder at the beauty of a Pacific sunset or an Atlantic sunrise? What would it be like to experience the different seasons in the western mountains and deserts? How about seeing wild animals and insects in a way that you never have? Or simply, how can you connect with all of the varying aspects of nature from your own home? John L. Goldberg has captured all of these and more in his imagery from both our wild and urban environments.

By providing you with a different view of your world he will help you gain a greater appreciation and understanding of your natural and urban environment by seeing it through his eyes and his camera.

John has a deep love of the outdoors that he expresses in his imagery. His favorite areas to photograph are in the backcountry of the west and southwest, particularly the Mono Lake region of eastern California, the Sierra Nevada and the deserts of the Great Basin and the American southwest.

John was formerly a long-time volunteer with the California State Parks in Santa Cruz, CA, an instructor for the California State Parks PORTS distance learning program and currently leads workshops on a variety of topics. Additionally, he recently completed a three-year project photographing wild mustangs in eastern California and western Nevada.

Newspapers, magazines, non-profit organizations and corporations have published John's imagery. His work has also been exhibited in multiple galleries and shows. Johnís photographs of monarch butterflies have been used as the basis of a television show about the monarchs and he has donated many images of them to Natural Bridges State Beach for use in interpretive talks for visitors.


Pepper at the Ranch

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